The Archives of the Institute of Archaeology will be closed for the public on Monday, April 30th, 2018. We thank You for Your understanding.

Archive of the Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences, Prague, v.v.i. (ArÚP) represents systematically collected set of field documentation from the archaeological excavations conducted not only by the Institute but also by other organizations all around Bohemia. Thus, it is not an archive in the sense of the archival law. Quite contrary, archive of the ArÚP represents a workplace that collects and keeps the field documentation. The general public is allowed to use the data according to the directive of director of the Institute No. 6/2007 (in Czech). An agreement request for the documents study (necessary for larger excavation reports with associated documents and aerial photographs) is available here.

Archive of the Institute of Archaeology belongs to the Department of information resources and includes the following parts: