Workshop Master Lectures in Historical Archaeology (Wrocław – Prague)

Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Prague, is inviting You for a workshop at the library of the institute, Letenská 4, Praha 1


Attendance list:

Prague, 25. November 2021

9.30 registration of participants
10.00 opening (dr. J. Mařík)
10.15 11.00 Institute of Archeology of the University of Wrocław. Structure and Research
(prof. J. Piekalski)
11.00 11.45 A City and rRver in preindustrial EastCentral Europe. Case Study: Wrocław(prof. J. Piekalski)
11.45 12.00 discussion
12.00 13.00 break
13.00 13.45 Historical Archeology as a Tool for Researching the Standard of living in Cities of preindustrial
Times (prof. J. Piekalski)
13.45 14.00 break
14.00 15.00 Problematic Search for World War II Military Artefacts (prof. M. Trzciński)
15.00 15.45 Markets in Medieval Cities of Central and Eastern Europe. Prague. Wroclaw. Krakow, Gliwice
(prof. J. Piekalski)
15.45 16.00 discussion