Early Slavic settlements in Bohemia. (Settlement patterns, economy)
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PhDr. Naďa Profantová
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Roztoky u Prahy - Březno u Loun - Early Slavic Period - material culture

The goal of this project is to evaluate all of the data available from the two large-scale excavations of early Slavisettlements in Bohemia and to present their historical interpretation. First, there is an unusual agglomeration of early Slav settlement at Roztoky near Prague (6th-7th centuries AD); second, there is a succession of three villages at Březno, NW Bohemia (6th-9th centuries AD). In the case of Roztoky, the analysis should distinguish the number of settlement nuclei and their arrangements inplan by the horizontal stratigraphy and their chronological position through the analysis of small finds. As a result of the grant a monograph on the villages at Březno (by I.Pleinerová) is being planned, as well as a series of studies dealing with various aspects of the development of the settlement at Roztoky. The classification and analysis of both find assemblages reflects so far the image of early Slav material culture in Bohemia

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