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On Friday October 9th 2015, the Library of the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague will be closed the whole day for public.


The Legacy of Charlemagne


The Legacy of Charlemagne
Early Middle Ages: the Cradle of European Culture

Prague Castle, the Theresian Wing, the Gothic and Romanesque storeys of the Royal Palace iconnected with ‘The Story of Prague Castle‘.

July 17th – October 14th, 2015

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Militký, J. 2015: Oppidum Hradiště u Stradonic. Komentovaný katalog mincovních nálezů a dokladů mincovní výroby

The Legacy of Charlemagne


The travelling exhibition on Charlemagne’s legacy has developed within the Cradles of European Culture Project. After Ename in Belgium and Italian Ravenna a reworked version will be presented to Czech visitors in Prague. Our main aim is to describe the Early Middle Ages as a time, the interpretation of which still supplies us with a number of impulses for the creation of local and national identities. The visitor should not only be involved in the search of what we had in common and what distinguished us in early medieval Europe, what still inspires us; he should also be guided to consider in what different ways history can be viewed.