Synthesis of Czech Prehistory
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Luboš Jiráň, CSc.
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• Keywords:
Prehistory, synthesis, Bohemia

The aim of the project is a comprehensive outline reflecting the present state of research of Bohemian prehistory. Contrary to the neighbouring countries, such a synthesis is missing in Bohemia. The last attempt in this field, published in 1978, unballanced in its concept and structure, mirrored the state of knowledge as in the 60s. The immediate commencement of the project will make it possible to profit from the whole potential of the Czech senior archaeologist generation who are willing to collaborate and set the results of their life-long research into the proposed monograph. At the same time, it will also be possible to exploit the latest data gained by modern methods and analyses in progress within the Institute of Archaeology in Prague. The broad participation of prominent Czech specialists should ensure high qualities of the text as well as documentation part of the work. Consistent concept and structure will be enforced by a strict and coherent scheme of the book and by a thorough final editing. The resulting volume will undoubtedly be appreciated by Czech as well as foreign researchers , and will be used by university students and postgraduates who are very much in need of such a review. The final result of the project will be a completed manuscript of a representative, well adjusted and richly illustrated volume whose publication in at least two languages is envisaged

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