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Press officer

Mgr. Jaroslav Řídký, Ph.D.
Tel: +420 734 445 333

PR manager

Mgr. Kateřina Kleinová
+420 605 488 155


The logo (A) of the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS Prague is a basic variant of the Institute’s logo. It consists of a graphic symbol in ochre and the text – the name of the Institute in grey. The graphic symbol made up of eight segments is a simplified shape based on the ground plan of a Neolithic house of whattle and doub construction. The house, or its floor plan remains, is one of the typical archaeological finds in our territory. The colour of the symbol – golden ochre – is chosen to express the soil as the natural environment of archaeological finds and at the same time to associate the golden colour, which traditionally expresses the uniqueness and historical value of archaeological finds. The full name of the institute is set to the right of the symbol from the Trivia Grotesk R2 Bold or Regular font, a contemporary typeface by Czech typographer František Štorm, in which some of the shapes of 19th century grotesques and even medieval majuscules can be discerned. Expressively, this typeface fits the subject matter perfectly, and is also contemporary, very distinctive and original.