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Project Te-1077/79

Scientific name Family Species Arch. dating Preservation Sum of macro Frequency Locality
Agrostemma githago Caryophyllaceae koukol polní br.po charred 10 0 sites
Fallopia convolvulus Polygonaceae opletka obecná br.po charred 30 0 sites
Hordeum vulgare Poaceae ječmen obecný br.po charred 405 0 sites
Panicum miliaceum Poaceae proso seté br.po charred 204 0 sites
Papaver sp. Papaveraceae mák br.po charred 30 0 sites
Silene sp. Caryophyllaceae silenka br.po charred 10 0 sites
Triticum aestivum/compactum Poaceae pšenice setá s.l. br.po charred 565 0 sites
Triticum dicoccum Poaceae pšenice dvouzrnka br.po charred 129 0 sites
Triticum monococcum Poaceae pšenice jednozrnka br.po charred 21 0 sites