Svobodová Ljuba

Department: Department of natural sciences and archaeometry – Restoration laboratory
Job: Restorer of pottery and porcelain finds
Telephone Number: + 420 257 014 399
Specialization: Restoration and conservation of pottery and porcelain

Ceramics Laboratory

Main task of the Ceramics Laboratory is to treat archaeological ceramics and to extend the life of the pottery collected during the archeological excavations.

Archaeological researches prove that earthenware production is one of the oldest acivities of the man. Ceramics, the early Neolithic technological invention, are the first artifical composite material, made by hand of man. It gives an evidence about the life of our ancestors, because it goes along with the man upto now.

Ceramics production always reflected the actual artistic style, so it can indicate the time of its origin. Quite often these ceramics are the only artefacts of the lost civilisations, which survived and are the only proof of man activity. Ancient ceramics is the most important guideline for archaeologists to date the foundings and to identify the archaeological cultures, to interpret the excavations, to recognize the technology level, social structures, rituals and cults, common life, trade connections and many other historical aspects.

The ceramical artefacts are thanks to the firing very stable, resistant to external influences and therefore they survived over centuries, while still carrying information from the different historical periods, although often in broken pieces only. The task for restorers and conservators of ceramics is not only to retrieve and conserve the lost beauty of the ancient ceramic pieces and to enlarge the cultural heritage of our state, but also to preserve all contained information, esthetic and historical values for the current and future research.