About Library

The library of the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Prague acquires publications concerning archaeology and related fields of study. The library mainly covers Central and West Europe but also other parts of Europe and beyond. The aim is to gain main archaeological journals and series, and from among the monographs above all the books of theoretical and methodological importance, regardless of where they had been issued.

Electronic catalogue enables a fast search for monographs and series or articles through Internet.

The library is also securing the sale of publications issued by the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Prague (actual list see publications sale).

The flood in 2002 deluged most of the library rooms and befell almost the whole library fund containing around 70 000 volumes at that time. Most of the books were completely damaged, a smaller part (ca 10 000) could be deep-frozen and basing on an offer of The Museum Council in Ringjobing County (Museumsradet I Ringkjobing Amt) and the Struer Museum in Denmark these books could be dried in their laboratories. Thanks to a huge solidarity of archaeological institutions as well as individuals from all around Europe and beyond a new library could be built up within following two years, based on book donations (book donations, book donations from France). In newly reconstructed rooms the library was opened at the end of 2004. The number of volumes accessible in the library reaches c. 30 000 today. To all the donors, organizers of book transport, and to all the other helpers goes a warm-hearted thank of the library users!

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