Renaissance-age Glass at Prague Castle. Finds from Archaeological Excavations 1925-1989
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Jan Frolík, CSc.
• identification number:
• Realization:
• Agency:
• Keywords:
Modern Age, material culture, glass, waste collector

This project aims at rendering accessible finds of renaissance- and Baroque-age glass from archaeological excavations at Prague Castle. Glass items, turning up especially in rubbish pits and layers of refuse, will be related to their archaeological and historical contexts. Attention will be focused on the range of forms of glass, as well as on origins of individual pieces with special eye on imports, and a complete critical catalogue will emerge. Reconstruction of the original find contexts will open the way towards a study of the social settings in which the individual groups emerged, and will outline the ways and means of using glass in tasks of common everyday life.

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