Stará Boleslav. Přemyslid Stronghold in the Early Middle Ages
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Ivana Boháčová
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• Keywords:
Early Midlle Ages, stronghold, Bohemia

A grant is requested to complete editorial work and support publication of a monograph (cca. 600pp, 200 figs., map) – “Stará Boleslav. Přemyslid Stronghold in the Early Middle Ages” (from the MS output of the project “The Přemyslid Hillfort at Stará Boleslav – its role and status in the early Přemyslid state” GA-ČR 404/99/1060) in the series Mediaevalia archaeologica (ARÚ AV ČR). The monograph evaluates material from 1988-2000 rescue excavations. Part 1 considers the archaeological research, its methods and processing, the evidentiary potential of the material, the geological situation including genesis of the historical topsoil, and an overview of earlier research and written sources. Part 2 presents 1) the origin and genesis of fortifications inc. unique C10th ramparts reminiscent of Roman period structures, 2) sacral architecture, its chronology and fittings, 3) basic details of other structures and cemetery problems. Further sections consider minor material culture, archaeozoology, raw material sources and archaeobotany. Special attention is paid to ceramics (relative sequence, chronology, regional circles). The closing section summarises knowledge of site development and status in the early Czech state, gained from studies of deliberately chosen samples of source material.

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