Hořešovičky – a New Site of the Lower Acheulian in Bohemia
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Ivana Sýkorová, Ph.D.
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• Realization:
• Agency:
• Keywords:
Prehistory, materials, Bohemia, Paleolithic

This project is devoted to a detailed processing of findings from a new discovered locality of Lower Acheulian in Hořešovičky (Kladno district). This unique locality was uncovered in Autumn 2002 and the rescue archaeological research proceeded during Spring 2003. We gained a rich collection of stone chipped industry from this site. The stone industry was made mainly from local Primary Age cherts. The collection of stone chipped industry was found in a dwelling and in its close surroundings and it numbers cca 10.000 pcs. of artefacts and 15.000 pcs. silicits. These silicits were transported to the settlement from a close outcrop as a raw material, but it wasn´t used any more. In the archaeological part there will be performed the fundamental typological analyses of the artefacts (10.000 pcs.) and the artefacts will be described by the standart descriptive method of the palaeolitical artefacts. Its issues will be booked into a database of stone artefacts. The morphometrical analyses of particular sets of artefacts will be realized subsequently. The next part of the project will be the spatial analyses of gained, which means an allocation of artefacts in the researched area. This analyses will end in a reconstruction of palaeolithic people´s work activities and a simulated reconstruction of a dwelling´s function. The archaeological part will be accomplished by geological analyses of the site and petrological analyses of the raw material. The general output of the project will be a comprehensive monographic processing of the research´s issues of this unique Lower Palaeolithic locality. The manuscript will be proposed in the last year of the project

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