The nearest Hinterland of Great Moravian Centre Mikulčice – development and social – economic structure
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Lumír Poláček, CSc. (IoA AS CR Brno, v.v.i.)
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• Keywords:
settlements- Great Moravia - hinterland - economy -Early Middle Ages

The arrangement of performance of basic functions of the early middle age power center and a subsistence of the supposed 1000-2000 inhabitants of this agglomeration anticipated a well organised hinterland. The goal of the project is a treatment and theoretical evaluation of all accessible sources for the nearest hinterland of early Middle Age Mikulčice. On the basis of the archaeological and anthropological analysis of the previous and newly acquired material we will solve the questions of the development and social-economic structure of the hinterland and of the arrangement of performance of this centre. These questions shall be verified, supplemented and complemented by means of the purposeful works in the field. Impulses for the treatment of these problems are surprising results of newest field works in the nearest surroundings of Mikulčice.

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