Settlement Development of the Early Medieval Hillfort of Budeč
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Andrea Bartošková
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• Keywords:
Early Middle Age, hillfort, Bohemia

The central-Bohemian fortified settlement of Budeč is one of the most important early-medieval localities associated with the formation of the early Czech state. Partly illuminated by historical records, much about the past of this early political power centre was brought to light by a large-scale archaeological excavation conducted by the Institute of Archaeology AV-ČR between 1972 and 1990. Since the results of the excavation, serving as a base for historical interpretation of this locality, were published without being accompanied by relevant supporting documentation, it has become imperative to reassess the conclusions drawn about the principal sites of this locality by confronting them with all the stratified evidence as it has been recorded. The proposed project is concerned with summarisation and evaluation of the sources and data obtained in the course of the excavation from the principal locations at Budeč that are crucial for interpretation of this locality. The aim is to establish a coherent basis for the chronology and interpretation of the beginning, development and termination of this major archaeological locality of central Bohemia, so closely related to the earliest Czech history. The project is designed to result in a monograph manuscript.

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