Origin of the Stroke Ornamented Pottery culture in the North Czech Labe Region and Beginning of the Late Neolithic in Centrale Europe
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Marie Zápotocká, CSc.
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• Keywords:
Prehistory, Neolithic, Elbe region

The proposed project is divided in two parts:

1. Definition of a transitory phase between the two main cultures of the Central European Neolithic, i.e. Linear Pottery Culture and Stroked Pottery Culture, based on the assessment of the unique assemblage from Hrbovice-Chabařovice in North Bohemia. Establishment of the stages of a parallel process in neighbouring regions, namely in Central Bohemia and Saxonian Elbe region, and the study of its influence on the regionalized Late Linear Pottery groups in other areas (the Saale- region, Rhineland and Mainz-region, Paris Basin, Lower Bavaria, Moravia, Silesia and Little Poland).

2. Application of the recently defined relative chronology to the complex study of the Litoměřice region, one of the most important settlement areas of the Bohemian Stroked Pottery Culture. In the geomorphologically articulated landscape with fertile lowlands and prominent hills of the České Středohoří, with its network of routes leading to the North and West along the Labe and Ohře rivers, over 130 sites allow to study the settlement structure of the culture.

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