Baden Culture in Bohemia
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Milan Zápotocký, CSc.
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• Keywords:
Prehistory, Aeneolithic, Bohemia

The Baden culture played a crucial role for the formation of middle Eneolithic in Bohemia, as well as in the south-eastern quadrant of Central Europe. Among three phases of the Baden culture the best known is the final Baden – Řivnáč culture. Relatively well know is also the earliest Boleráz phase. However the least investigated phase is the middle, so-called classical phase of the Baden culture, which is the main topic of the proposed project. The aim of project is to analyse several crucial questions related to the period under study. Using complex analysis of finds from two regions (north-west Bohemia and east-central Bohemia) and several pilot settlement contexts of the Prague-Slaný region we will mainly focus on: A – definition and periodisation of the classical Baden culture in Bohemia; B – relation to the Boleráz phase including the decline of the TRB culture; C – the influence of classical Baden culture towards the origin of Řivnáč culture.

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