Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Settlement of Abandoned Ohře (Eger) River Basin Area in Lower and Middle Pleistocene (NW Bohemia)
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PhDr. Jan Fridrich, DrSc.
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Middle Palaeolithic settlement

The project is focused on conducting exploration, collecting archaeological material, digitalisation, and evaluation of Lower Palaeolithic localities on the bank of the prehistoric course of the Ohře river (Eger), covering an area of 11 x 8 km, i.e. 88 sq kms. The procedures will be divided into three basic trends: 1) landscape exploration, collecting of archaeological material, determining the issues of dating and palaeoecology (prevalent in the first part); 2) analysis of the finds, documentation and storing of the finds (prevalent in the second part); 3) geographical settlement evaluation with the aid of latest statistical analysis methods (prevalent in the third part). The aim of the project will be an in depth investigation of a rarely preserved landscape dating to the early period of Middle Pleistocene with the remains of Lower Palaeolithic hunters settlement and their culture (Acheulian culture). The research will be directed towards preparing a monograph. An application for a grant will be submitted in the final year.

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