Internal and External Relationships of a Neolithic site
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Radka Šumberová
• identification number:
• Realization:
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• Keywords:
Neolithic, residential area, Bohemia

The aim of this project is the recognition of internal and external relationships within the Neolithic settlement area, and the study of their changes as related to time and space, the study of biography of object and the links between people and things. Results of analyses stemming from the excavations of Chotěbudice will be the principal source of data for the Pětipeská Basin of NW Bohemia. The use of research methods compatible with those applied on the previously researched site of Bylany, will result in a comparative data set in GIS form that will be used too for interregional comparisons and the identification of local tendencies. The unique osteological assemblage will be analyzed at the same time, especially within the context of functional, chronological and spatial terms. The results will significantly enhance our understanding of the constitution, function and change of Neolithic settlements and their inhabitants´ lives.

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