The first steps out of Africa – looking for the genetic traces of Late Pleistocene human dispersal through South Arabian Peninsula
• (Principal) Investigator:
Mgr. Viktor Černý, Dr.
• identification number:
ME 917
• Realization:
• Agency:
• Keywords:
genetics; Pleistocene; Southern Arabia; ancestral haplotypes; DNA haplogroups; molecular polymorphisms

The main objective of the project is to investigate whether the contemporary genetic structure of Southern Arabia bears traces of the first successful migration of anatomically modern humans out of Africa. In this framework following issues will be studied: 1) relationships of geographic and genetic distances of certain molecular polymorphisms; 2) detection of ancestral haplotypes of phylogenetically older (more than 40 years) branches of the non-recombinant DNA haplogroups; 3) a clinal variability of phylogenetically older haplogroups; 4) estimation of amount of parental contribution of the East African, Near Eastern and Indian populations.

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