Department of the natural Sciences and archaeometry

Head of the department: Mgr. Alžběta Frank Danielisová, Ph.D.

The main scope of the department lies in studies regarding the biological variability of the Man, his environment in the past, and the cultural landscape formation as a frame of society’s existence. It gathers researchers specialized in anthropology, archaeogenetic, environmental archaeology (archaeolozoology, macroremains and pollen analysis), and spatial and non-destructive archaeology (including geophysics and aerial survey), and the GIS. In addition to its own research, the department coordinates mutual cooperation between scientific and archaeological branches, and shares the education in BC, MA and postdoctoral studies of accredited branches of archaeology, paleoecology, anthropology, and human genetics. Department also participates in the Czech Radiocarbon Laboratory operation.

Main research themes:

  • Cultural landscape development, prehistoric agriculture and other productive activities as landscape-formative factors;
  • Vegetation dynamic during the postglacial, and the plant utilization (both cultural and wild-grown plants) by humans;
  • Biological variability, paleodemography, paleopathology of prehistorical and Early Medieval populations;
  • Application and envolvement of molecular genetic methods for studies of the evolution of human, societies, and culture (DNA-analysis of Man, animals, plants, microbes, etc.); phylogeography;
  • Influence of the life style (demography) on genetic structure (herdsmen vs. farmers);
  • Role and utilization of dommesticated and wild animals in the prehistorical communities; paleogeographical, paleoecological, and morphometrical aspects of archaeozoology;
  • Field survey and development of the non-destructive archaeological methods (aerial archaeology, geophysics, field walking);
  • Predictive modelling and GIS application in archaeology;
  • Spatial structure of settlement ranges.


  • Anthropology and paleopathology
  • Archaeobotanics and paleoecology
  • Archaeogenetics
  • Landscape archaeology
  • Archaeozoology
  • Geophysics
  • Aerial archaeology

Specialists and scientific staff:

doc. Černý Viktor, Ph.D.
Ing. Čišecký Čeněk
Mgr. Martina Čížková – Archaeogenetic Laboratory
Mgr. Danielisová Alžběta, PhD.
PhDr. Dreslerová Dagmar, PhD.
Prof. PhDr. Gojda Martin, CSc.
Mgr. Petr Kočár
Kornová Alena
Mgr. Radka Kozáková Ph.D.
Mgr. Kyselý René, PhD.
prof. PhDr. Neustupný Evžen, CSc.
Mgr. Nováková Jana – Archaeogenetic Laboratory
Mgr. Podgorná Eliška
Mgr. Pokorná Adéla
Mgr. Priehodová Edita – Archaeogenetic Laboratory
RNDr. Stránská Petra
Trojánková Olga
PhDr. Venclová Natalie DrSc.
RNDr. Vysloužilová Barbora, PhD.


Evaluation of the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Prague, v.v.i. in the year 2015

Presentation of the Department of the archaeology of landscape and archaeobiology: PDF

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