The hinterland of Early Medieval centre – the economical system
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Mgr. Jan Mařík, Ph.D.
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Middle Ages - hinterland - stronghold - Libice

The project is aimed to investigate the economical hinterland of the Early Medieval stronghold of Libice nad Cidlinou and its changes between the Later and Terminal ´Hilfort´ period. The research will focus on three main settlement types differentiated by their geomorphology, chronological implications, and spatial limits (ramparts, moats, etc.):
1. Settlements surrounded by river flood plain within the agglomeration of Libice
2. The immediate economic hinterland formed by settlements situated on the lower Cidlina.
3. Fortified settlements on the middle Elbe between Libice and town of Kolín.
The position of those sites within the economic system of the entire stronghold will be based on the already conducted but so far upublished excavations and non-destructive archaeological survey (surface collection, geomagnetics) and small scale sounding for the purpose of obtaining sufficient samples for paleobotanical analyses . An integral part of the research will be formed by analyses of chemical composition of the pottery with traces of silver and gold metallurgy that represent unique piece of evidence of these archaeological processes within the Middle Ages context.

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