Vegetation continuity and landscape dynamic. Presence and historic causes for diversity focus in region with fluctuating kolonization
• (Principal) Investigator:
RNDr. Jiří Sádlo, CSc. (BI AS CR)
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• Keywords:
phytosociology; vegetation history; landscape dynamics; Holocene; relict vegetation; anthropogeneous pressure

The project solves the contribution of survival and transformation of ancestral/relict vegetation types to the Holocene landscape dynamics. The link between phytosociology, palaeobotany, archaeology and history using the system of cross-references (multi-proxy approach)explains anomalous complexion of vegetation diversity (e.g. endemism, exclave species)in the Dokesko region (North Bohemia). The habitat diversity explains this phenomenon insufficiently and so it is imperative to find its historical causes, particularly influence of succession, florogenesis and key events and processes of the Holocene. A detailed research of the recent vegetation facilitates the detection of anomalous phenomena in the fossil record and exact intepretation of data. The palaeobotanical findings allow historical explanation of vegetation to distiguish role of (a) relict survival of ancestral coenoses in stable conditions, and (b) gradual vegetation changes caused by man-made or natural shifts.

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