Aeneolithic Settlements and Burial Grounds at Vlíněves. Formation of settlement and funerary ranges in the Aeneolithic
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Miroslav Dobeš
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• Realization:
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• Keywords:
Aeneolithic – Bohemia – cemetery – settlement – Funnel Beaker culture – Řivnáč culture – Corded Ware culture

Project focuses on critical evaluation of the Aeneolithic (Funnel Beaker, Řivnáč, and Corded Ware Cultures) evidence obtained from the longlasting excavations at Vlíněves, Mělník district. Various aspects of archaeologized Aeneolithic activities will be reconstructed and evaluated on the basis of culture determination of all material from the site (approx. 10 000 features), together with analyses of horizontal stratigraphical relations of excavated features, mainly post-holes and trench groundplans. Upon this material, questions associated both with particular issues of Bohemian, respectivelly Central European Aeneolithic and with inner spatial relations of individual Aeneolithic components on the site (i.a. since they might represent important spatial factor influencing the monument localization in later historical periods) will be dealt with. Evaluation of scientific sources (anthropology, zoology, etc.) will also form an integral part of the proposed project.

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