Early Mediaeval manor-house, its manifestation in archaeological sources and settlement structure in the Žatec agglomeration
• (Principal) Investigator:
Mgr. Petr Čech
• identification number:
• Realization:
2009 - 2011
• Agency:
• Keywords:
Middle Ages - Žatec - agglomeration

Some archaeological components in Žatec form groups which are remainders of magnate manor-houses of the Early Mediaeval. There are four manor-houses that are of a greater importance due to the research range and findings. Reminders of above-ground buildings, stockade channels and tiny material culture findings are exceptional in general and not only in the context of the Žatec Mediaeval agglomeration. The project goal is to process and identify the settlement components that form manor-houses and define their form. The next goal is to process and classify the findings of material culture and identify them per analogiam. The pottery studied within the typological paradigm created especially for Žatec will be used for relative dating. The absolute dating of destruction of the two manor-houses will be executed in correlation with the coins found in the layers of destruction. The development of the Žatec manor-houses in time will be studied and it will be compared with similar objects in the Early Mediaeval Bohemia and on the territory of Great Moravia in its greatest territorial area.

early madiaeval; agglomeration; manor-house

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