Life at the Bylany Neolithic Site. Based on the Situational Analysis of Artifacts
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Ivan Pavlů, DrSc.
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• Keywords:
Neolithic - Bylany - settlement - artefacts - situation analysis

The manuscript consists of the analysis of different kinds of movable and unmovable artifacts. The common scheme of a situational analysis comprises a frame of the work. It distinguishes the world of physical facts from the subjective experiences as well as of the objective theories. The attributes for each kind of artifacts are arranged accordingly to their form, function and design or style. They create a base for the different oriented classifications: formal, functional and stylistical ones. Because of all finds represent only a refuse from the living culture, the structures of these finds are destorted in archaeological contexts due to unspecifiable destructive processes. The presented interpretation of the life at the Neolithic site has tobe considered therefore as one of the possible historical pictures of this period.

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