The iconography of settlements and landscapes
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Petr Meduna
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• Realization:
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• Keywords:
iconography - Middle Ages - Early Modern Times - settlements - elite - landscape

The goal of the proposed project is the building up of a document collection of medieval and early post-medieval iconography. The collection should allow rapid orientation in a gradually filling information base and at the same time fill technical requirements for quality reproduction. The specifics of archaeological demands on informative ability of iconographic sources require a preference for depictions of settlements and landscapes in the time frame of the planned project. The criterion for selection of a source is the current state of Czech archaeology, which in the framework of rescue activity focuses above all on excavations in towns. The richest set of views of Czech towns are the drawings by J.Willenberg from the turn of the 17th century. This choice of source is supported by the fact that a quality edition is still not available. In addition to a database, the planned result of the project is the basis for an edition of Willenbergs drawings with commentary.

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