Bacín – A Cult Locality of the Hallstatt Period in the Bohemian Karst. Final Evaluation of Complex Research
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Václav Matoušek, CSc.
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• Keywords:
Hallstatt period - cult - Bacín

The objective of the proposed project is final evaluation and synthesis of partial analyses, obtained by research of the Hallstatt Period cult place on top of the Bacín Hill. The project is divided into three hierarchical levels. 1.the digitizing of data obtained during field research of the karst crack and the preparation of a model of the original deposition of finds. It is the check and review of the hypothesis concerning the secondary character of the observed stratigraphy (3 levels of human andanimal bones). 2. the digitizing model of the terrain surface of the top of the hill, which is important pre-condition of study of relations between traces of cultural activities and the specific natural environment. 3.the study of Hallstatt Period localities in South-West part of Bohemian Karst. The objective of this level of project is a reconstruction of space/cultural relations of these localities to the cult place on the Bacín Hill.

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