The Urnfield period in the middle Vltava basin
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Jiří Hrala, CSc.
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Urnfield cultures - Vltava basin - Knoviz culture - Obory

The Urnfield period in the middle Vltava basin is formed by an enclave of the Knovíz culture. The possibility of its autochthonous origin from the Tumulus culture is discussed. The main source of information is the cemetery at Obory /district of Příbram/ together with some earlier finds from the region. The chronological position and the settlement characteristics of the enclave is solved on the basis of archaeological evidence. The Obory cemetery created favorable conditions for the consideration of demographic questions /by methods of physical anthropology/, and the bronze inventory demands metellurgical research. Archaeological analyses /typology, morphology/, statistical methods, consideration of field observations will supply information on the economical level reached by the Bronze Age society, its trade contacts, cultural relatioships and ritual practices.

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