Bronze Age hoard finds – an important source for research into Bohemian metallurgical production of the Middle and Late Bronze Age cultures
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Luboš Jiráň, CSc.
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• Keywords:
Middle Bronze Age - Late Bronze Age - hoard finds - metallurgy - economy

The project is aimed at a full exploitation of a specific type of archaeological source – the bronze hoards. Bronze artifacts from these finds should be approached in such a way as to produce, apart from typological criteria, a maximum amount of information possible. The focus will be on the differences in the composition and deposition of the hoards in relation to the Bronze Age phases and cultural environments, mapping the distribution of the hoard types, and sstatistical evaluation of the differences and similarities. The project is designed to build up a comprehensive computerized system of Bohemian hoards of the Middle to Late Bronze Age, including their classification and statistical assessment. Besides the extensive central pictorial and descriptive database of the types of bronzes contained in the hoards, the project should also result in a theoretical publication based on analysis of these data and concerned with Bohemian hoards and their significance.

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