Sezimovo Ústí – testimony of archaeology about the medieval town
• (Principal) Investigator:
Doc. PhDr. Miroslav Richter, DrSc.
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• Keywords:
Medieval archeology - town - suburb area - trades - material culture

A major part of a suburban district at Sezimovo Ústí near Tábor was excavated during the 1963 – 1988 rescue operation, revealing an area settled from the mid 13th century and abandoned in 1420. A medieval suburban environment has been uncovered to the extent so far unparalleled even in the European context. The proposed project is aimed at facilitating the presentation of the results of this extensive archaeological undertaking in the form of a monographic publication analyzing the vast evidence recovered. It is intended as a follow-up to the first two volumes (featuring the historical background and archaeological topography), which will be published as a result of the previous grant awarded by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.

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