Settlement Patterns, Subsistence and Culture of the Neolithic Site. Case Study of the Intrasite Analysis
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Ivan Pavlů, CSc.
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• Keywords:
Neolithic - classification - settlement - subsistence strategies

The project is aimed to describing of the multicomponent evolution of a large Neolithic site in the Central Europe. The situational analysis is based on the classification and patterning of artefacts attributes and their interpretation. The clustering is done at the intrasite scale within the houses and within the larger synchroneous components. The classification is first considered as seemingly etic caused by the formative processes of the settlement refuse. The analysis is aimed to create the emic classification corresponding to the original compositin of the find complexes. Neolithic habitation, subsistence, and culture will be inferred from its results. The study is focused to the basic issues of the transition of the European prehistoric settlement from foraging to ferming economy and its social consequences.

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