The controversial find of Roman coinage from Doly, Rabouň and its meaning for study about Roman period in Bohemia
• (Principal) Investigator:
Mgr. Milan Jančo
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• Keywords:
Late Roman period - coinage

In the course of this project, treasure of the 289 + 32 + 130 (451) Roman coins from the village Doly, Hill-fort Rabouň-Valy will be studied. The treasure was found in 1894. It has been in the collection of the Castle Museum in Košumberg since 1934. All 451 coins must be dosumented; photographed, described, identified, and preserved. After the coins have been documented, they will be compared with other finds from the Roman period in East Bohemia and scientically evaluated. Among the reasons for the co ntroversy ove the treasure from Rabouň are: great divergence in the ages of the coins, unusual pattern of rules and denominations, uniqueness in the region, an uncertain connection as a collection to the Roman period, and problems with the circumstances of the find. In order to get rid of doubts about the authenticity of the finding if the treasure in Rabouň, one must try to seek analogies to other Germanic regions, look for connections with the economic-political and monetary-critical analyses.

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