Bečov IV – Settlement Area of Middlepalaeolithic Man in North-West Bohemia. The recent View
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Ivana Sýkorová, Ph.D.
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• Realization:
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• Keywords:
Middle Palaeolithic; Upper Acheulian; archaeology; settlement area

The publication is devoted towards the complex processing of the results of the archaeological excavation of the Middle Palaeolithic locality at Bečov IV, Most district. This locality represents our biggest site of Upper Acheulian. The submitted publication comprises detailed archeological part devoted to the typo- and morphological evaluation of the chipped-stone industry, the morphometrical evaluation of the whole collection. The publication contains detailed geological and geomorphological analysis of the site, supplemented with petrographic identification of the used stone raw materials. The manuscript is complemented by the analysis of the lay-out of individual artifacts and the reconstruction of the settlement area and individual zones of activity. It is devoted to the exploitation of land in the time of the beginning of the Middle Palaeolithic period near the bank of one of the tributaries of the river Palaeoegger(Paleoohře).

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