School of doctoral studies in archaeology II
• (Principal) Investigator:
Charles university in Prague
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• Keywords:
Archaeology - methodology - Central Europe history

The School of Doctoral Studies in Archaeology (II.) is focused on the systematic quality improvement of the education of the PhD. students. The conception of the project is based on the analysis of the recent situation in the archaeology in the Czech Republic, especially on universities The project is concentrated on problems of the crucial stages of the Prehistory and Middle Ages in the Czech lands. Thereby the general and concrete level of knowledge will be distinguished. In this first respect the programme will be focused on chosen topics of the european archaeology, as especially the character of the archaeological testimony and the recent discussion about the possibilities of its interpretation, problems of the archaeological research of the continuity and discontinuity, problems of the transformation of the prehistoric and mediaeval societies, or possibilities and limits of the central-european comparative studies. The concrete level of knowledge will be constituted by projects of the respective doctor-thesis.

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