The Stará Boleslav Přemyslid hillfort: its role and status in the early medieval Přemyslid state
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PhDr. Ivana Boháčová
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• Keywords:
hillforts - Early Middle Ages - Přemyslid state

A large source of material from a major Poemyslid hillfort connected with the origins of the early Czech State was recovered by rescue action conducted from 1988to 1997 and has been yielding further evidence. Until then, the Stará Boleslav locality couldonly be studied from written records(Guth 1934; Sláma 1988; Sommer 1977). The requested grant would allow the long and extensive archaeological survey to be completed and unique evidence about the Bohemian Early Middle Ages to be processed and publishedbefore the source is irretrievably destroyed and lost.The project is intended to result in a monograph focussing on a) the chronology of the hillfort and the main stages in its development, b) topography of its two parts and how it changed, with special emphasis on the genesis of the fortifications including the “opere romano” wall known from the Cosmas chronicle, c) the role and status of the site in the early Poemyslid State.

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