Medieval towns and their regions
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Doc. PhDr. Jan Klápště, CSc.
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High Middle Ages - town - hinterland - settlement - hierarchy - society

The specific characteristics of towns and their hinterlands was among the distinguishing signs of urbanization of high medieval Europe. Even though the importance of this relationship of Czech and European research is only gradually becoming valued, it is this that offers important means to broaden our understanding. However, archaeological investigations of medieval towns and villages has to now found too few contiguous surfaces and insufficient attention has been given to comparing information from Bohemia and from Moravia. As preparational steps confirm, the path to inified understanding does not lead over a general pictured summed from various regions, but rather over the familiarity with concrete examples and their comparison. The result of a three-year project, one which relies on the analysis and comparison of ten Bohemian and Moravian town regions, should be a comparisonal study at the same time conceived as the basic for a monograph.

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