The Týn court and medieval Prague
• (Principal) Investigator:
Ladislav Hrdlička
• identification number:
• Realization:
• Agency:
• Keywords:
Prague, Middle Ages, town, Týn court

The Týn Courtyard has undergone the most systematic research of the any block of houses on the territory of the Old Town of Prague. The vast majority of probes have been carried out in the course of the current revitalization of the entire complex, whichbegan in 1976 and only now is approaching its final stage. Simultaneously, the systematic, almost twenty-year-long research of Ungelt will definitely be brought to a conclusion for at least one generation as a comprehensive processing of the finds will begin. This is the task envisaged in the project which we are submitting and which we cannot realizesolely from the resources forthcoming from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic or from the departments of those co-proposers who have participated in the archeological research of Ungelt. The results of the project should manifest themselves in four areas: (1) a collection of reports on finds including all the probes in the complex, (2) publication on select field research projects etc.

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