Eneolithic period in the Čáslav basin (4200-2800 B.C.)
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Milan Zápotocký, CSc.
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• Keywords:
Aeneolithic - chronology - settlement structure - Čáslav region - long-distance contacts

Rich find complexes have recently become available from the Čáslav basin in eastern Bohemia. It is felt that their evaluation could fundamentally contribute to our knowledge of the Eneolithic period in Bohemia and to the ways how cultural elements are diffused. The complexes have been partly rescued by local museums, but most of them consist of materials accumulated by the Bylany Expedition of the Archaeological Institute during four decades of its activity. The aim of the project is (1) to publish three key sites that are of prime importance for the proposed theme ( Bylany – Nade vsí, Cimburk, Čáslav – Hrádek ) (2) to improve our knowledge of the relative chronology of the Eneolothic, and (3) an attempt at solving the problem of the ways and functioning of long – distance communications with Moravia leading through the Čáslav basin and mediating cultural innovations created in SE Europe to more western territories.

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