Basilica of Saint Vitus, Wenceslas, Adalbertus and Virgin Mary and monastery of Prague church
• (Principal) Investigator:
Mgr. Jana Maříková-Kubková, Ph.D.
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• Keywords:
Romanesque; architecture; Prague Castle; liturgy and architecture

In 1876 the first fragments of Romanic St.Vitus area have been found during construction works. So it has been more than 130 years when historians acquired a substantive evidence of the existence of the predecessors of Prague Gothic Cathedral until that time known only from written sources and works by V.V. Tomek. Never yet a detailed monographic study has been devoted to St. Vitus Romanesque Basilica; the last publication that brought the newer knowledge is from the year 1970. That’s why we want to payoff a debt towards historical, architectural and art history research and to present a monograph about Romanesque St. Vitus complex richly complemented by archival and photographic documentation, both historical and contemporary. A goal of the project isto make available the results of the research of Romanesque St.Vitus courtyard in the monograph published within the frame of Castrum Pragense. As a supplement of this volume we want to publish a pilot volume of the Archeological Atlas of Prague Castle.

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