The early Eneolithic Jordanov Group (c. 42-40th century b.c.): settlement area, periodization
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Milan Zápotocký, CSc.
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• Keywords:
Bohemia; early Eneolithic; Jordanov Group; relative chronology; settlement structure

The Jordanov Group plays a key role during the forming of the early Eneolithic in Bohemia, as in other areas of its distribution (Moravia, Silesia, Saxony). This cultural formation is indeed the best documented as regards finds of the three sub-groups into which this period is divided (Střešovice Group – Jordanov Group- Late Jordanov Group), however most of these are assemblages and individual finds whose evidential value is minimal as regards questions about economic level and societal organization. An aim of the project is the complex processing of two large-scale excavations of settlement areas, one from Central Bohemia (Tuchoměřice), the second from (Úhřetice) from the East Bohemian settlement region. Apart from field knowledge (traces of buildings, storage features, round cultic area – so-called rondel) both excavations also yielded the as yet most voluminous material complexes of this age from the Czech lands. The results of this analysis will be confronted with current.

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