Neolithic Settlement Regions in Bohemia (circa 5300-4200 BC)
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Marie Zápotocká, CSc.
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• Keywords:
Neolithic; Linear and Stroke pottery culture; Regions; Settlement

The theme of the project is the oldest agricultural settlement in the environment of geographicaly distinct regions of Bohemia. The main task is the complex processing of the collection of finds from the lower Ohře and North Bohemian Elbe river regions (I have collated and documented material from around 130 cadasters and 180 sites). The geographical division of the landscape here represents one of the most significant and archaeologically best documented settlement areas of the Bohemia. I concentrate on (a) the working out of a regional relative chronology for the area of North-West Bohemia including the characteristic of the main developmental stages from the arrival of the first farmers, through the transformation of decorative style and the formation of the Stroke pottery Culture, until the final phase which is interconnected with the inroad of the ethnic group with Moravian painted Ceramic; (b) on an assesment of the extent and changes of the Neolithic oikumens.

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