Iron in Archaeology. Early European Blacksmiths
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Prof. PhDr. Radomír Pleiner, DrSc.
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Metallography - Prehistory - blacksmith

The edition of the monograph “Iron in Archaeology: Early European Blacksmiths is the subsequent step following the grant 404/02/0751 summarized in part B. At the end of 2004 should be ready the pre-set text (about 400 pages plus 25-20 plates with photodocumentation). As a part of the publication grant requested, should be, during 2005, finished the voluminous bibliography, glossaries of technical and historical term, the typographical arrangement, final setting and indexes of subjects and places before the delivery to the printer (end 2005/2006). The book will present a synthesis of knowledge concerning the early European blacksmithing, also in the light of metallographic investigations. The approach is interdisciplinary: history, archaeology, material science of metals.

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