Iron in Archaeology: The European Bloomery Smelters
• (Principal) Investigator:
Prof. PhDr. Radomír Pleiner, DrSc.
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• Keywords:
Metallurgy - iron production - black-smithy - Prehistory

The project “Iron in Archaeology: Early European Blacksmiths” deals with the early blacksmith’s work in Europe and will be linked up with the monograph “Iron in Archaeology: The European Bloomery Smelters” (Praha 2000) which has been published as a result of a grant GAČR 404/00/0548. The volume will present sources concerning the early ironworking (smithies in European regions, blacksmith’s tools, waste, artefacts) in both developed civilizations and the rural barbaricun, and later in the early andhigh Middle Ages. The specific attention will be paid to the reconstruction of technology of manufacture applied to forged objects in the light of the metallographic investigation; this is being realized in many European countries and in the Czech Republic as well (there are thousands of published analyses). The monograph is concieved as an international and interdisciplinary project, supplementing the book devoted to the bloomery smelting

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