Manifestations of physiological and physical stress on skeletons of Greatmoravian populations
• (Principal) Investigator:
RNDr. Petr Velemínský, Ph.D. (National Museum)
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• Keywords:
Great Moravia - burial customs - anthropology - physiological stress - metabolic malfunctions - Mikulčice - Early Middle Ages

The aim of this project is to enhance our knowledge about the degree of stress and/or state living conditions for inhabitants of Great Moravia (9 – 10 century). We expect also data concerning their style of living an appearance. Our investigation is based on the analysis of burial-grounds which have been supposed to be used by members of a certain social layer. Above all we will study the skeletal remains from the burial-grounds by IXth church (about 550 graves) and by IVth church (101 graves) uncovered in the greatmoravian agglomeration Mikulcice. The aim of the first stages is to detect the following characteristics: basic demographic indicators, occurrence of degenerative changes on the spine and joint connections, the relief of muscular insertion, occurrence of changes connected with the extreme load of certain muscular groups, specific manifestation of metabolic disorders (e.g. enamel hypoplasia, Harris lines, cribra orbitalia), health state of teeth, occurrence of injuries, diseases etc.

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