Braškov – a new site of the Early Acheulian in Central Bohemia
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Ivana Fridrichová-Sýkorová, Ph.D.
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• Keywords:
Archaeology, Early Acheulian, Lower Palaeolithic, Central Bohemia, stone industry

The project is oriented on the complete description and evaluation of large collection of the stone chipped implements, which was acquired during the archaeological research of a building site of the highway from Prague to Carlsbad in Braškov (Kladno district). These stone chipped implements (approximately 6.000 pcs) cab be incorporated with the Early Acheulian. The project includes an archeaological part, which is going to be devoted to the comprehensive processing of the stone artefacts collection. Geological part is going to be devoted to the petrographical determination of the used raw materials and to evaluation of geological and geomorphological proportions of the site. The result of this project will be a complete database of the stone artefacts and manuscript of the monography about this site.

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