• Author:
Michálek, Jan
• Publisher:
Institute of Archaeology of CAS, Prague in cooperation with the Museum of Southern Bohemia in České Budějovice
• Publishing Year:
• Pages:
1119 pp., 1st and 2nd volume: 664 pp., incl. 57 pp. of illustrations, 61 pp. of photo plates; 3rd vol.: 445 pp. of plates
• Language:
Czech with German introduction and captions

The publication “Die Hügelgräberfelder der Hallstatt- (Ha C-D) und Frühen Latènezeit (LT A) in Südböhmen” represents a lifetime effort of Czech archaeologist Jan Michálek who has collected, evaluated, and provided a complete set of information regarding an essential category of archaeological heritage, which is predominantly characteristic for the region of South Bohemia.

Publication of this monograph was supported by the Editorial Board of the CAS.

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