• Author:
Boháčová, Ivana – Podliska, Jaroslav et all.
978-80-7581-008-3 - 2nd revised edition
• Publisher:
Archeologický ústav AV ČR, Praha, v.v.i. - Národní památkový ústav
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• Pages:
335 pp., pic.
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Czech, English summary

The second edition of a book, which has drawn immediate attention of the professional as well as the general public. Prague, and especially its historic centre, is hiding exceptional traces of more than a thousand years of development under the current surface. Archaeologists have been discovering the hidden past of Prague for almost a century, but the results of their work have remained, in many cases, unpublished or scattered in a number of scientific publications.

A team of experts involved in the systematic and long-term archaeological research of Prague has prepared a guide for those who are interested in learning about its past. It presents the most important monuments from the Medieval Age as well as Modern Times and finds and archaeological sites located in the capital. It focuses mainly on the area of its historical core, today’s Prague Monument Reservation, which contained the richest archaeological evidence of the development of Prague, from its beginnings up to the period of the remarkable changes of the city in the Modern Times. In short texts, readers can learn about the current knowledge regarding some selected general topics such as medieval architecture and constructions, burials, crafts or the everyday life of its inhabitants. This knowledge is one of the most valuable results of the systematic study of archaeological sources hidden below the surface of the city kept in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The monograph has also an internet version in the www.praha-archeologicka.cz portal.

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