Institute of Archaeology of Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague would like to announce 10th year of the Jan Rulf Award for the best scientific publication in the field of archaeology

Terms of submission:
The competition is intended for young researchers. Authors or an institution can submit publications. One institution may submit a maximum of five publications in each category (i.e. up to five publications or PhD theses, five master’s and five bachelor’s theses).

The publication must fulfil the following criteria:
• The publication must represent an original theoretical work in the field of archaeology;
• The publication shall be published or completed in the period from January 1st, 2016 to January 31st, 2019;
• To enter the competition, the publication shall be delivered to the Institute of Archaeology in Prague in one printed copy (publication, offprint, manuscript) no later than January 31st, 2019, together with a cover letter containing the consent of the author/authors to be included in the competition;
• The author shall not be older than 36 years by January 31st, 2019 and must be an EU citizen. If more than one author wrote the publication, all of them must meet this condition.

An evaluation committee appointed ad hoc by the director of the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Prague will assess publications meeting the conditions mentioned above. The committee will predominantly take into account authenticity, and added value of individual publications for archaeology, originality of solution applied, and methodological aspect of the selected approach. The committee shall arrange publications in order, and the first three publications will be awarded. In addition, the committee will decide and award three best bachelor’s and master’s theses.

The best publication in the Jan Rulf Award competition will receive CZK 17,000, second place CZK 12,000, and third CZK 8,000. Three best bachelor’s and master’s theses shall be awarded CZK 7,000, 5,000 and 3,000. The evaluation committee may choose to reward more publications or leave a particular place unoccupied.

Competition results will be announced on the website of the Institute of Archaeology. The evaluation committee shall recommend the selected works for priority publication in periodicals of the Institute. Submitted publications and manuscripts will be returned to the authors after the competition.

Competition proposals together with one copy of the publication (offprint or manuscript) are kindly requested to submit them by the given deadline to the following address:

Mgr. Jan Mařík, PhD.
Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, v. v. i.
Letenská 4, CZ-118 01 Prague 1
Email address: marik@arup.cas.cz

Jan Rulf Award: PDF

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