Militký, J.: Keltské mincovnictví ve 3. a 2. století před Kristem (LT B2 až LT C) v Čechách (Keltisches Münzwesen im 3. und 2. Jahrhundert vor Christus /LT B2 bis LT C/ in Böhmen)

The publication focuses on Celtic mint in Bohemia during the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. Altogether, 715 coins have been collected, catalogued and arranged according to their typology, and in the case of imported coins, they have been included in an overall catalogue of such finds from the territory of Bohemia. The book presents an entirely new view on the beginnings and earlier phase of coinage in Bohemia, taking into account the situation along the Jantar Trail, i.e. in the area between Silesia and Austrian Danube region. A comprehensive evaluation of staters of Nike type, which represent the earliest type of Celtic coins in Central Europe, and whose origin can be traced in Bohemia, is also included in this monograph. The complex evaluation of this issue has proved the existence of at least 50 series and types of coins produced in the area of Bohemian basin and, thus, suggested a considerable internal differentiation of the Celtic communities established in this area.

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