Weaving looms, intentional demolitions, burnt offerings…? A new look at rituals in the life of Bronze Age settlements
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Martin Kuna, CSc., DSc. (on behalf of the IA)
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• Keywords:
Bronze Age; settlement; ritual; depositional analysis; formation processes; environmental archaeology

The project focuses on the analysis of a specific type of settlement features, linear trenches that have been recently discovered at several Late and Final Bronze Age settlements in SW Bohemia, Bavaria and Austria. The project is based on this type of finds from Březnice (S Bohemia). These trenches are exceptional not only for their shape but also for the finds they include. Apart from common settlement waste, they contained intentionally deposited artefacts and discard that are most probably the result of ritual behaviour. We will conduct a comparison of the contents of these trenches with other types of features, settlement sites with and without these features and we will study their functional and spatial connection to other types of settlement activities. We will also carry out a depositional analysis of the find assemblages, a technological analysis of the pottery and an analysis of the archaeobotanical samples. The study of the ritual aspect of the settlement behaviour can lead to new views of the understanding of many other archaeological contexts from prehistory.

(1) Interpretation of the trench-like features from the Bronze Age settlement at Březnice;
(2) comparison of the given type of features on the territory of their appearance and
(3) the study of ritual aspects of the settlement behaviour with focus on the waste management and structured deposition.

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